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Ideas from Fiction

December 8, 2013

Most of my readings hover around Non-Fiction, mainly History, Military History, Biographies. Very rarely I stray towards fiction. My last read on fiction (which is also not entirely fiction) was Shantaram. Later I saw a CNN interview with the author – Gregory Roberts and I agree with what he said on writing – that Novel […]

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Who Has Power

December 2, 2013

Who is powerful. Before this, one has to define power. Not from the point of view of any dictionary but by what we think is power. This can be subjective.  For me, a person has power if he knows powerful people. I don’t intend to hit an unending loop. There are institutions headed by someone […]

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Hello Paul Walker, Do I know you….

December 1, 2013

Paul Walker died. The star of the Fast and the Furious. It doesn’t make any difference to me because I know neither. Today is the day when I hear his name first time though I have come across the name the fast and the furious.  I want to analyse the feeling. Why is it so […]

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