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The Blind Men and an Elephant

September 10, 2011

We know this famous story – The Blind men and an Elephant. The story is on six different characters at six different positions having six differing point of views about an unknown scenario. As children, we were amused when Blind Men described an elephant as a rope or a wall etc. We loved the “Wise Man” […]

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Untouched by Anna

September 2, 2011

Some things happen for disturbance. Things like WikiLeaks, RTI and Jan Lokpal. WikiLeaks is an expat, but RTI and Jan Lokpal are home grown terrorist groups. They assault the government. It is said, more than Five Lakhs RTI applications were fired in Maharashtra in 2010. Similar Lakhs are boasted in other states. Besides increasing workload, these non-state actors have […]

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