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Nautanki – Drama in Politics

May 28, 2011

Nautanki – this is how we associate politics. Nautanki meaning Folk Theatres. Names and words encapsulates thoughts. Like Gandhi or Hitler are not only significant names, they are storehouse of thoughts. So when we associate Nautanki with Politics, we show our regard, rather disregard, for politics or Nautanki or both. We look down upon Nautanki […]

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Movies – Black & White

May 14, 2011

We don’t see much of Black and White Movies these days. And even if we come across any, while channel surfing, we tend to fast forward the remote. Our actions mirror our racing inner wheel. Acceleration is thrill, no-doubt, but one needs pause to admire. Likes and dislikes are subjective. Everyone has their list. I have […]

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May 5, 2011

I have to recount few historical events. It’s worth noting. It gives perspective to recent events. A nation is not the ruling government. It’s the personality of its People and their idea of nationhood. On 27th June 1976, Air France Flight 139 started from Tel Aviv to Athens and finally Paris. When the aircraft took […]

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