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Kalmadi- Fix-it for Dixit!

September 29, 2010

As regards to Common Wealth Games-Delhi, what is the common agenda? It is this-Everybody is against Kalmadi. The question is why? Who told us that it’s Kalmadi? Well, it is the media. When everyone is so aroused against him, I should have chosen to be safe and agree with the majority. Well, I have chosen otherwise. We […]

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Tu Meri Soon’ – You Listen to me!

September 27, 2010

Tu Meri Soon’, is a Hindi word which means, You Listen to Me! Three words which are spoken and heard by many. Look around and observe, two people talking or a group discussing, and you will definitely hear many – Tu Meri Soon’. Tu Meri Soon’ means – now that I have spent time listening to […]

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Litter – Our Word of Unity

September 24, 2010

An SMS joke is doing the rounds: “What did Lalit Bhanot’s wife tell the domestic help? Clean it up properly… this is my house not the Games Village. But Lalit means ‘to create mess’. No sooner had we got rid of one, the other shows up with antics. Wonder what made him say – “Their […]

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Gita – As I Understand

September 23, 2010

The best clash of reasons is in the Gita. And no, it does not come only from Krishna. Arjun is equally convincing, if not more, to present his point of view. His attempts to reason with Krishna on the futility of war is as brilliant as Krishna’s reasoning. Gita opens with the chapter known as ‘Arjun-Vishad-Yog’. Vishad means despair. But […]

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Sugar – Mankind’s Sweetheart

September 22, 2010

It’s amazing. Sugar is a product of grass. Yes, cane, the father of sugar, is a type of grass, though a lovable and suck-able one. If we had confined ourselves to cane, we would be safe. But we chose to be sorry than safe. We wanted more from the cane. So we crush it, juice it, […]

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Games – Our Common Wealth

September 21, 2010

There is a general feeling, in India, that we should not hold multi-sport events like Common Wealth Games, Asian Games, and Olympics etc. We view it as a waste of time and resources without any substantial value. And the probability of winning medals is also bleak. Our opinions are then backed by reasons, where we […]

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Repercussions For Transformation

September 20, 2010

We woke up, again, to a Train Accident. Some dead, some injured. And life goes on. Indian Railways is the oldest, largest, and busiest in the word. With such large network, mistakes ‘here-and-there’, loss of life ‘here-and-there’ is expected. Who does not make mistakes? After all, those manning the systems are humans too. And so travels one of our many […]

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The Khabari (Informer)

September 19, 2010

Act- I It was on the second or third day, and newly joined Mahesh was in Anand’s shift in Flight Dispatch. During a lull in activity, Mahesh hurriedly went to the toilet. While returning to Despatch he saw Anand standing on the terrace near the door. Anand beckoned Mahesh to one side and spoke as […]

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Calcutta and St. Mary’s

September 18, 2010

The only place where I never feel out of place is – Calcutta. Whenever I land at Calcutta Airport and as the aircraft taxies in, I peer out of the window to catch the sight of those familiar busses running across the Jessore Road nearby. Then I really feel that I have arrived. I am […]

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Dabangg – And Our Reality

September 17, 2010

The media is comparing “Dabangg” with “3 Idiots”. First the media compared the first day earnings and showed how Dabangg has beaten 3 Idiots. Then it showed the lead on the second day earnings. Now it has started to extrapolate on how much it will collect in a week. Finally, by what margin Dabangg will finally […]

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